Trade Skills in Demand


Last week Manpower Group released the results of its annual Talent Shortage Survey which assesses the impact of talent  shortages on the global labor market. For the 2012 Survey, Manpower Group researched the views of more than 38,000 employers and found that 49% are experiencing difficulty filling positions within their organizations. Yet, despite these available jobs, unemployment continues to remain at an all time high.

I addressed this conundrum in a recent U-T San Diego article by suggesting the problem isn’t a lack of workers, rather it’s a lack of workers with the right skills. While the skills you develop should depend on your interests and career goals, it’s also important to look at the skills that will be useful in landing a job. The survey found that the top three candidates most in demand are Skilled Trades, Engineers and IT Staff. You can check out the full results of the survey here: