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Phil’s knowledge of employment spans industries and organization charts. He delivers powerful, educational humorous speeches, workshops, keynotes, seminars and breakouts for organizations of all kinds.

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It’s your Career: Manage it

We all have a Career Manager that works for us full time – and that is us! No one cares about our current or future working lives and where our careers are venturing more than us. We must make sure we are educated, trained and capable of watching out for own careers. No one else will. Job Won! training seminars give you the skills you need to be the Career Manager you need to be.

Your Ideal Job will lead you to your Ideal Career Paths…

What kind of job are you looking for? “I don’t know” is the answer I typically get. It’s not that people are not bright and educated; it’s that there are so many choices today that we don’t know where to start. Start with what goes into your ideal job: money, location, family, education, nothing is a hindrance. This seminar will walk you through an exercise that will help you identify four or five great career paths to research and pursue.

Interview to Get the Job…

By the time you are invited in for an interview, you have networked like crazy and written a killer resume. So the job is yours to lose. You are a finalist. Don’t be unprepared for the all-important interview by not knowing what to expect. This presentation will let you see into the window of Human Resource professionals and learn what they are impressed by and what they are turned off by.

I’ve Submitted my Resume 2,000 Times!

True story from one of my Job Won! television show viewers: She submitted the exact same resume for 2,000 different jobs and wondered why she is getting no response. This seminar will show you how to customize your resume for every single job for which you applying. If you are serious enough to apply for the job then get serious about writing a resume that will show why you are qualified for the job, down play your weaknesses and get you the all-important interview.

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