Monthly Archive: January 2014

Don’t Bring Your Mother To An Interview


I came across this funny, but insightful article on Fast Company this morning: 8 OF THE STRANGEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS JOB CANDIDATES HAVE ASKED.  I am sure your mother is a sweet woman, but don’t bring her to an interview!   Heard of any other out of the ordinary interview questions/stories?  Share in the comments below!

Be Likeable


People like likeable people.  We want to work with people that are good at what they do, but we also want to work with people we could shoot the breeze with at happy hour after a long day.  While hiring managers look at your skill set and qualifications, they are also looking to see if […]

Veterans on the Job Hunt


As a big supporter of the military and military personnel I found this article by Business Insider: Thank You For Your Military Service — Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You to be full of good information for recently discharged troops.  Take a look! Is there anything you think is missing from […]