Monthly Archive: June 2014

You Can Change Paths Mid-Career


Many of the people I work with are in the middle of their working lives, in careers they no longer find fulfilling or they are working for a company going downhill fast. They are bored. Maybe they are all of the above. Meet David. Years ago, David took a part-time job as a bank teller […]

Your Elevator Speech: Don’t Leave Home Without It


You don’t activate a network simply by calling the first name on your contact list on Monday morning. First you have to develop a plan. Or more precisely, a good, solid idea of what kind of job you’re looking for and how you hope your network contacts can help. How can other people, no matter […]

Networking 101


Here’s a word we all use a lot in the business world: Networking. Admittedly, it’s a trendy verb that’s overused. The relevant definition of “network” is “a group of interconnected or cooperating individuals.” The best way to find a job in this economy, or any other, is by networking. My goal is to give you […]