Monthly Archive: April 2014

EconoMeter: Should we subsidize industries like breweries?


Question: Is it good local economic policy to subsidize particular industries, such as breweries? My Answer: YES If particular industries mean all indudtries then the answer is for sure! The meaningful difference in this growth/expansion incentive is that it is paid development fees that are reimbursed over time only after all goals have been met. […]

Is San Diego over the hump on unemployment?


Last week the UT San Diego asked the Econometer Panel: Are San Diego’s unemployment problems at an end? My answer: No. San Diego, and many other cities have a serious mismatch of job openings and workers’ skill sets. San Diego is finally back to the number of employed that we had before the Great Recession. […]

6 Habits of Highly Sucessful People


I came across this article on Inc. Magazine this morning about the 6 habits of super successful people.  I think many of these are applicable to a job search: 1. Keep Your Eye on the Ball Don’t let the obstacles in your path keep you from your goals. View challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. […]