Monthly Archive: May 2014

Job Hunting Tips: Mental Attitude Matters


Another key area to focus on when preparing for a job hunt is your mental attitude. As I’ve said before, “Don’t dwell on the negative.” Aimless doubt and self-questioning never helps. Worrying rarely does anything constructive. Likewise with placing blame. Negativity just eats up your energy and it won’t get you any closer to your […]

How to Make Job Fairs Work for You


Job fairs are obvious opportunities for networking, but they require thought and preparation. The fairs, which bring together many companies and potential employers under one roof, at one time, are valuable one-stop career shops. Job fairs occur all the time, but you may have to go looking for them. Search the internet, newspapers, college career […]

Does Your Physical Health Matter in Your Job Search?


For any job search to be successful, you must take care of yourself. You must exercise and eat right. You have to be at your fighting weight. Maybe in your last job you could claim that you were simply too busy to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Even if that was true, it’s not true now. […]