The Benefits of Temp Jobs


In addition to an unemployment rate of 7.5% and a net job growth of 165,000, the April jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that businesses are relying more on part-timers and temporary help rather than signing on full-time staff. Although some critics view temporary jobs as a bad sign for private sector employment, Manpower sees great value in temporary staffing for both the employer and job seeker. For employers, temporary workers can help cover employee absences, support peak workloads, contribute to special projects, and bring new perspectives to a company. For job seekers, temporary work is ideal for individuals who enjoy flexible schedules and varied work environments. If you’re job search is taking longer than you’d like or you’re currently exploring different career options, here are some excellent reasons to consider temporary staffing options:

  • Gain the experience for the career you want
  • Earn money while you continue your job search
  • Develop new talents by challenging yourself in new roles