Restaurant Job Growth Continues to Outpace Overall Job Growth


While no industry is protected from the ups and downs of the economy, the restaurant industry continues to remain a top leader in job creation. A new report by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) shows that the industry continues to outpace overall U.S. employment growth, with restaurants adding more than 575,000 jobs since the employment recovery started in March 2010. What’s even more exciting is the NRA has projected that 1.4 million positions will be added to the industry in the next decade.

If you’re still looking for a summer job or interested in beginning a career in foodservice, now is the time to get your foot in the door. From servers and managers to chefs and cashiers, the restaurant industry offers a wide array of opportunities for job searchers. Even if you don’t envision your long-term career goals involving the restaurant industry, the professional development and management skills learned can help you succeed in your next venture.


National Restaurant Association: Restaurant job growth outpaces overall job growth rate by two to one