Middle-aged Unemployment


It’s no secret there is serious issue with the high rates of joblessness among young people. But there is an equally abiding problem with unemployment amongst the middle-aged, reports The Wall Street Journal. There are 3.5 million middle-aged American currently unemployed, with 39% of them being jobless for more than a year. These long-term ramifications have been devastating, especially since its usually takes older workers more time to find a new job.

Older workers suspects their resumes get tossed aside for younger workers with lower salary expectations and savvier technical skills. To prevent unnecessary discrimination regarding your age, it is important to make sure your resume is age-proofed. A few simple ways to achieve this is by including only work experience related to the position you’re applying for; creating a digital presence and listing your LinkedIn profile on your resume; and removing any unnecessary figures, such as fax numbers and outdated years.