Job Won! For America’s Veterans Added To Series


San Diego’s Workforce Expert and Author Phil Blair Announces Job Won! For America’s Veterans

SAN DIEGO — (September 27, 2019) Phil Blair, co-owner of Manpower-West and author of Job Won! 500,000 Hires and Counting, has added to the Job Won! series with For America’s Veterans, an every veteran guide to transitioning from military service into private and public sectors.

The quick read of over 200 pages offers practical advice, tips and strategies presented in Blair’s conversational, easy-to-understand style that includes testimonials of “do’s” and ‘don’ts” for successful career changes. Equally compelling is the self-help guidance for staying mentally fit while faced with new-uncertain challenges faced by many veterans today.

“I have not read a better book dedicated to supporting veterans making the transition…with real life examples,” said VADM (RET) Bill French, Region Southwest Commander and former Commander, Navy.

The book is available at: Job Won! For America’s Veterans