Job Seekers – Tips for Negotiating Salary


Believe it or not, negotiating a starting salary is still possible in today’s stumbling economy.  If you have reached the salary negotiation stage in a job interview, chances are that you’ve made it through a huge pool of candidates and the employer really wants you.  Employers are willing to negotiate starting salaries as long as you prove your worth and are honest.

To do this, you will first need to dedicate time to research salaries in your field:

  • Review recent salary surveys
  • Network with other peers working in your field
  • Contact your local trade association to find out your industry average

After doing your research, it is critical to emphasize the benefits and skills you will bring to the company in the interview. Describe your accomplishments, performance awards and overall contributions you have made in previous jobs. Approaching the negotiating process with professionalism and respect will help to achieve your salary and compensation goals even in an unstable economy!