Job Prospects for 2013 College Graduates


According to this recent KPBS segment, prospects appear to be brightening for 2013 college graduates entering into today’s workforce.  This seems to be particularly true for new grads who have earned high-demand degrees in the fields of Business, Science and Technology. In a nationwide online survey of more than 2,000 employers, CareerBuilder asked companies which college majors were most in demand at their firms. Similar to last year, business and technical majors are the most sought after:

1) Business – 31%
2) Computer and Information Sciences – 24%
3) Engineering – 17%
4) Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences – 10%
5) Engineering Technologies – 9%
6) Math and Statistics – 9%
7) Communications Technologies – 7%
8) Education – 7%
9) Science Technologies – 6%
10) Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities – 6%

The survey also looked at other hiring trends for the graduating class of 2013 such as which entry-level occupations have the most job listings and which cities are receiving the most year-over-year growth for entry-level jobs. To view these survey results, click here.