Go with the Flow, Let it Happen


Spesso, grandi scoperte si verificano quando gli altri pensano si sono persi.

“Often, the greatest discoveries occur when others think you are lost.”

This quote attributed to Christopher Columbus has been on my mind this week. I was speaking at yesterday’s Boardroom session and commented on how when we let our minds wander, all kinds of wonderful thoughts come into our heads. For men it may happen when we are shaving or showering, and for women, maybe it’s while putting on makeup.

We all need time in our day to let our minds wander and to let even outlandish ideas enter — often those about our jobs and careers. This is one reason I always recommend that job seekers spend time running, swimming or any other kind of exercise that lets them temporary turn off their minds. This is when sometimes that “aha” moment comes out of the blue. Maybe you’ll think of a whole new career path, simply because you allowed yourself some mental relaxation and wandered. Like good ‘ol Chris, maybe there’s a great discovery in your future. But first you’ve got to go with the flow and let it happen!