Eight Ways to Find Your Dream Job


First, there’s the most obvious approach:  You apply direct to an employer.  Look for employers whose fields interest you, whose companies you admire and would want to pursue. Don’t be afraid to visit the company, well dressed and with resume in hand.

Second, use your network. Ask every friend, relative, teacher, former co-worker and casual acquaintance whether they’ve heard of a job opening. Tell them about your job search, this is no time to be bashful.

Third, search the Internet. There are myriad job listing sites, bulletin boards and other places on the Web that provide information and advertise positions. The converse of looking for jobs posted is to post your resume online.

Fourth, consider working for smaller companies. The commercial backbone of this country is the small business, not the giant conglomerates that dominate the news. Most new jobs are created by small, growing companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Fifth, explore temporary work. Aside from the fact that it may provide some much-needed income, temporary jobs can help you acquire experience. Temporary jobs often evolve into permanent opportunities.

Sixth, contact any professional recruiter or executive search firm that you may know that specializes in your skill set.  This is a high-end, high-level option, one that’s more often used if you have a specialized set of skills or advanced career experience. If a recruiter contacts you, always hear them out.

Seventh, check out newspaper classified ads, either print or online.  Only 25 percent of new jobs are found these days through newspaper ads, but they still remain an important place to visit and take the pulse of the local job market.

Finally, Google yourself. What does it say about you to a potential employer? If you do not like your Google portrait, there are services that can help you get positive, professional links posted on the top of the search. Make sure you have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a current photo.