Phil ▪ osophy 101

I’m not a religious man. I don’t believe in fate or divine providence.

I do believe in myself. If I don’t, who else will? Who else should?

Sure, much of what happens to a person is the product of sheer chance, the result of larger, unseen, unpredictable forces colliding to create circumstances that help shape and direct our lives. To some extent, we’re all subatomic particles smashing about in life’s linear accelerator.

But two thoughts have always stuck with me, guided me: First, whatever happens in life, make it work for you.

When something goes wrong, don’t blame others, even if it is their fault. Your life is yours alone. You own it. Make it work for you.

Second, live life without regrets.

Pause for a moment and think about retirement. Are you smiling? Why? Because on your final work day, you don’t have any regrets. You don’t have to think, “I should have done something different. Why didn’t I ever…? I should have tried harder to…”

I want you to be able to say that your career was great. You did what you could, everything you could. You took your best shot at living up to your capacity. I think that’s key.

About half of your waking life will be spent working, so it’s paramount that your work be something you can be passionate about, that you enjoy, that brings you not just financial rewards and security, but a sense of pride, accomplishment and fun.

Work is never work if it is fun. The sooner you can say that with conviction, the better your life will be.

It’s time to get started.